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Book Blitz and Giveaway: The Christmas Walk Caper (Mac and Millie Mysteries #1) by JB Michaels

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Welcome to my stop on the book blitz for The Christmas Walk Caper by JB Michaels. This book blitz was organized by Lola's Blog Tours. On my stop, I have an excerpt for you. Be sure to follow the rest of the blitz for more excerpts. Enjoy!
The Christmas Walk CaperTitle: The Christmas Walk Caper
Series: Mac and Millie Mysteries #1
Author: JB Michaels
Publisher: Harrison and James Publishing
Publication Date: October 23rd 2019
Print Length: 164 pages
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Add 'Catch a killer’ to your Christmas to-do list!

Meet Mac, a retired hero cop with writer’s block and a penchant for trouble. What holiday hijinks will he get himself into?

Probably a murder investigation.

Meet Millie, a local banker and former college athlete who may have a trick or two up her sleeve. What Christmas conundrum will she be brought in to solve?

Again, a murder mystery.

In this delightful cozy mystery set in downtown Geneva, Illinois, our sarcastic and savvy sleuths will seek justice for the untimely death of the owner of the beloved and charming retail mansion: The Tiny Wanderer.

It’s time to stroll on Third street. Immerse yourself in beautiful Christmas d├ęcor. Drink some hot chocolate and help solve the Christmas Walk Caper.

Mac loved grilled cheese sandwiches but also admitted he felt quite full after the indulgence. Mac had eaten two kinds of sandwiches his whole life—PB and Js and grilled cheese. He hoped he had enough room for dinner. Well, he must have enough room for dinner. He would find a way to eat as much as he could within reason. Didn’t want to be rude to Becca and Hank.

Speaking of food, Mac secured his backpack to his back, gripped his cane, and made his way out of the Tiny Wanderer, which had been increasingly more crowded. The ceremony and houses for the Christmas Walk would be open soon. Edith and the team prepared free hot chocolate for shoppers. Bing Crosby’s voice resounded through the Tiny Wanderer, adding an extra special touch to the meticulously decorated rooms of the special retail destination.

Christmas lights of varying color, intensity, even various themes of decoration in the different rooms of the colonial retail mansion added to the celebration of the season. The bathroom/toiletries room was decorated in pink and white. The lighting and lamp room was in blue and gold with various blinking lights, some flashing, others slowly glowing.

Mac made his way to the toy room which had the traditional green and red motif. He wanted to buy a toy to donate. He scanned the room and found a display carousel with various puppets hanging from it. He grabbed one that looked like a bear and another that looked like a frog and would request to have them wrapped together.

For a minute, Mac got swept up in the season. He realized that Patricia would be proud of her team at the Wanderer. The place looked great. Magic filled the air. They’d soldiered on without her and were doing a great job.

His resolve to figure out who stabbed Patricia in the neck with a needle and killed her strengthened.

Mac placed the puppets on the counter and grabbed for his wallet in his jacket pocket.

A young woman behind the counter asked, “Will this be all? Would you like them gift wrapped?”

“Yes, please, both in the same package if at all possible,” Mac said.

He realized that only sometimes people recognized his face from his heroic exploits. Others were oblivious, and he liked that. His life had changed enough. Young people who didn’t pay much attention to the news definitely didn’t recognize him. Mac paid for the toys with his debit card.

She wrapped the puppets quickly and efficiently as a line formed behind him.

“Thank you.” Mac smiled.

“Merry Christmas,” the young woman said.

“And to you.” Mac grabbed the bag and made his way to the exit.

Time to see Michael Fanucci.

Dusk had fallen over Third Street. The temps dropped a little more. Probably twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

The Christmas lights started to intensify in brightness as the sun set.

Cars lined the street. People milled about and filled the sidewalks. The Christmas Walk had begun.

Mac crossed the street to the cast-iron work entrance of the elegant Italian restaurant known as Fanucci’s.

He walked in and smelled a hint of garlic, olive oil, and wine. The blend was comforting to Mac. His family frequented an Italian restaurant when he was young. There were gold lights everywhere and green garland along the ceiling of the main dining room which was all glass panes that gave full view of the magic of Third Street during Christmastime.

A young, bushy-eyebrowed man in a suit greeted him. “Hello, sir, do you have a reservation?”

“I don’t actually. I was wondering, is Michael in?”

“Michael is not here at the moment. He will be in later. May I take a message?”

“No, no, that’s all right. I will come back to see him later. Thanks.”

Mac thought it best not to push it any further. He walked out of the restaurant and would head to 272 WitchHazel Circle.

No sooner had he let go of the door than he saw the town car. The mayor’s town car. Soon the bumbling baldy would emerge from the black vehicle. Mac stared at the door.

No bumbling idiot yet.

Mac continued down the walkway that led away from the restaurant entrance and turned right to get back to his vehicle. He felt a hand on his back.

“The mayor wishes you a merry Christmas, Officer O'Malley. He wanted to personally thank you for taking up residence here in Geneva,” a deep voice bellowed. A big mitt patted his back. Hard.

Mac turned around, and a large man in a tan, full-length coat walked in the opposite direction and entered the driver’s seat of the town car.

Mac gripped his cane in anger. He wanted to knock the guy for a loop. Well, the mayor had just cemented himself as a suspect. With what Millie had said about the Chamber of Commerce maintaining tradition along this charming street, the mayor’s meddling may go farther than maintaining his precious Christmas Walk event.
JB Michaels
I am JB Michaels, award-winning and USA Today Bestselling Author of two series: Bud Hutchins Thrillers and the Tannenbaum Tailors.

I have spent my life in the study of story from riveting novels to the slam-bang action-packed world of comics to the examination of film history, I have spent a lifetime learning and examining the elements that make a story incredible. This steadfast dedication has led me to writing stories of my own.

I am married and with a son, I have a great love of family. I hope that you enjoy my bestselling books that mash genres from thrillers to science fiction to fantasy!

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