Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Book Blitz and Giveaway: Season of '72 by Karen Tomsovic

Title: Season of ’72
Author: Karen Tomsovic
Publication Date: October 14th 2019
Print Number of Pages: 326
Genres: Adult Retro Romance
A standalone romantic saga full of angsty emotion that spans the years. If you remember the 1970s or just wish you’d been there, you won’t want to miss this story!

Everyone wants of a piece of Robin Stewart. As he blazes a path across the pop culture landscape of the 1970s, from television sex symbol to rock superstar, he’s the ultimate picture of cool and the romantic fantasy of women everywhere, carrying the hopes and burdens of his show business family on his sexy shoulders. But nobody knows how much alcohol it’s taking to keep up that image, or how terrifying groupies can be. All Robin wants is to claim his own identity. To be loved for himself.

Quietly at his side, Robin’s co-star Christine Keithley is his groupie kryptonite, shielding him from rabid fans. She’s the one person who’s always honest and direct with him. But a dark secret from her past keeps her from giving her heart and soul to him. When Robin walks away from stardom, it means leaving Christine in the past as well.

Years later, they are reunited when an old foe comes to claim all Robin holds dear. Is life giving them another chance? The television season of ’72 is part of their past. After a lifetime apart, do they have the courage to rediscover their love?


Robin’s hands rubbed together, slow and sexy. Everything he did was cool. He would read the phone book slow and sexy. “What should we listen to next?” he asked, flipping through the records. He had nimble fingers, perfect for undoing the buttons on a lady’s dress.

As she lit up her cigarette, Christine felt a bead of sweat form above her upper lip. She willed it away and let out a frazzled breath, wondering how long he planned to stay and torment her.

“Oh, I don’t know.” She glanced down at her buttons. “Anything is fine.”

“All right.” He turned his head, showing off his profile. He was so beautiful.

Some people bestowed the same adjective on her. Christine knew she could be pretty. Homely girls didn’t get to be fashion models. But Robin Stewart landed in another league entirely. He had razor-sharp cheekbones and a flawless complexion, but he also had more. He had it, that certain something. Charisma. Magnetism. Star quality.

Robin seemed to get around, like everyone said, and not just girl-wise. He knew music, he seemed to know people, and he seemed to have had experiences. Christine wondered if he had taken Pamela to see Elton John at the Troubadour. Or maybe he’d taken someone worthier, more important, more alluring.

Rumor had it that he’d fallen into bed with the star of another Monument Studios comedy series while she was estranged from her most recent husband. The woman was thirty-six and on her second marriage. It went without saying that she was experienced.

Christine, who had not had the benefit of such experience, was nevertheless no fool about the ways of the world. She had eyes and ears. She observed and listened. Even if a guy like Robin Stewart did give Christine a chance, he would throw her over in a minute for a woman as sexy as he was.

But she was grateful for every weak knee and skipped heartbeat, for a reason he would never know.

The bead of sweat dislodged from her lip and traveled toward the corner of her mouth. She wished Robin would leave her be so she could live again. She thought of the joint promotional appearance that was coming up. Had he given it any thought? No. He was probably having some show business connection find him a way out of it already so he wouldn’t have to waste his time on her when he could be out, putting another notch on the post of his waterbed.

It was okay if he didn’t love Christine back. The important thing was, the feeling of desire had been restored in her.

“Meh.” Robin flipped the forty-five over and played the B side. He was going to stay even longer! Didn’t he know her palms developed the texture of clammy mush when he was near?

Christine inhaled from her cigarette. All she had wanted, all she’d ever come to the City of Angels for in the first place, after fleeing the dark days of New York, was to live again, to be normal again. Robin Stewart had a way of making a woman feel like a woman, and for so long now, too long, she’d never thought she would feel like a woman again.

Karen Tomsovic writes contemporary love stories that aim for the funny bone as well as the heart. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she likes to look out the window from her kitchen table and find new ways to describe clouds. Her two pet parrots, Teddy and Daisy, interrupt her as often as possible.

Like her owner, Daisy loves to devour books. However, she does so in a more literal sense. Teddy makes a great muse. He thinks Karen should include a bird in every book. Karen says she'll try.

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