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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Montana Mistletoe (The Wildes of Birch Bay) by Kim Law

Title: Montana Mistletoe
Series: The Wildes of Birch Bay
Author: Kim Law
Publication Date: July 6th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
She has the chance to create the future she wants . . . but first she’ll have to face her past.

Young, vibrant, and willing to confront any obstacle in her path, Bree Yarbrough has spent the last few years traveling the world and learning from the great artists. Only, her work has yet to strike a lasting chord. When her hometown mentor reaches out with an opportunity that will set her on the path to success, she knows she can’t say no. But once back in Silver Creek, she discovers she isn’t the only one who’s returned home. Justin Cory has as well—and he’s living next door. She may have made a fool of herself over him before, but Bree isn’t the kind of girl to let past mortification stand in the way of something she wants.

The last ten years of Justin Cory’s life has been driven by one focus: go to school, get his physical therapy degree, and return home so he can be there for his mom. But now that he’s back, he can’t stop thinking about the night that changed his life forever—and the guilt he can’t escape. Fun, irresistible, and once-best-friend Bree seems like the perfect distraction. She isn’t sticking around past the holidays, so he doesn’t have to worry she’ll expect more than he can give. But as they spend the season together, stolen mistletoe kisses start to feel all too right. However, with the future uncertain and the past hanging over them, it may take more than mistletoe to get from Christmas to forever.

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Bree hadn’t had so much fun since prom night. Justin’s colleagues certainly knew how to throw a party. She’d danced with several of them throughout the evening, including a few of the women, and had even coaxed Justin out on the floor a couple of times. She’d also talked to her heart’s content. She loved people, and that was one of the reasons she’d always wanted to travel instead of either going to college or just settling down somewhere. There were so many different types of people to run into, everywhere she went.

What she didn’t like, though, was not having a place that felt like home. But with her and Justin having cleared the air, she now knew that anytime she felt like coming home again, she could do exactly that. And nothing would be awkward about it.

“Thank you again for bringing me tonight.” She spoke as the current song ended, grinning up at him at the same time, and noticed how the earlier brightness to Justin’s gaze had dimmed slightly. He’d neither done nor said anything to indicate he was ready to go, but she knew him well enough to understand that the poor guy needed a break. Or, at least, he needed to be in a room that didn’t have loud music playing in it and wasn’t filled to the gills with people trying to talk over it.

“You’re welcome.” He gave her a small smile. “And thank you for coming. You definitely made the evening tolerable.”

That was probably the sweetest thing he could have said. She dipped her head. “I’m glad to be of service to my friend.”

“And I’m glad we’re friends again. I’ve missed you, Bree.”

She’d been wrong. That was the sweetest thing he could have said. “I’ve missed you, too. Come on.” She slipped her arm through the crook of his elbow. “Let’s get out of here. Take me on that tour you promised.”

“Yeah?” A flicker of excitement returned to his features.

“Yeah.” She laughed and leaned into him. “If I wasn’t with you, you’d have probably left already anyway.”

“About two minutes after I first came in,” he muttered, and as both of them snickered together, heading toward the main doors, the photographer who’d been hired for the evening stopped them.

“Oh my God, y’all. You’re just the cutest couple. And that dress”—the woman took in Bree from shoulders to toes—“honey, if I could do to that number what you do, I’d have fought you for it the minute you walked in here tonight.” She held up the camera in her hand. “Can I get a picture before you go?”

Bree looked up at Justin, and he was already nodding in agreement. He also seemed to be looking at her with lust in his eyes again. The way he had when she’d first gone over to his place and he’d gotten a look at her dress.

Maybe the mention of her outfit had reminded him what she looked like in it. And yeah, she looked good. She knew that. But she hadn’t worn the dress to try to get Justin’s attention. At least, not consciously. That had just been a nice bonus.

“Come over here,” the photographer said, motioning them to the corner. “The lighting is better.”

They did as asked, smiling and mugging for the camera with the kind of joy the entire evening had been, but before the other woman finished, she pointed upward. “Now I need you two to kiss.”

“What?” Bree and Justin spoke at the same time.

The woman pointed up again. “You’re under the mistletoe. Let me get a shot of you kissing.”

As a child, award-winning author Kim Law cultivated a love for chocolate, anything purple, and creative writing. She penned her debut work, "The Gigantic Talking Raisin," in the sixth grade and got hooked on the delights of creating stories. Before settling into the writing life, however, she earned a college degree in mathematics and worked as a computer programmer. Now she's pursuing her lifelong dream of writing romance novels. She has won the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award and has been a finalist for the prestigious RWA RITA Award. A native of Kentucky, Kim lives with her husband and an assortment of animals in Middle Tennessee.

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