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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Drowning Lessons (Red Frog Beach Mystery #1) by Rachel Neuburger Reynolds

Title: Drowning Lessons
Series: Red Frog Beach Mystery #1
Author: Rachel Neuburger Reynolds
Publication Date: May 21st 2019
Genres: Adult, Cozy Mystery
You are cordially invited to a destination wedding to die for…

My rating for Drowning Lessons by Rachel Neuburger Reynolds is five stars. I loved the setting, the mystery is top-notch, the characters are very realistic, yet humorous, and the plot moved well. This series is one that I will be watching.” ~Baroness’ Book Trove

There are so many fine things about this novel that it’s difficult to enumerate them all. The characters are beautifully drawn; the dialogue sparkles; the setting is vividly rendered…This is sure to delight followers and fans of mystery novels!!” ~Kelly/Reviewer NetGalley

Welcome to Bocas del Toro, a remote chain of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama. Five days of glorious sun and lush rainforest await the forty guests celebrating Bridezilla Olivia’s dream wedding—but will a murder sink the catered affair? Before anyone’s got time to start working on a tan, an unfortunate snorkeling accident eliminates a member of the wedding party. Maid of honor Lexie Marino smells trouble, and is thrust into the responsibility of investigating, needing to solve the case before her bestie’s trip down the aisle gets tropically derailed. The show must go on.

Lexie’s a little too tall, a little too awkward, and a little too brokenhearted, but she’s determined to nail the real killer. Can this unlikely sleuth stay afloat as she’s hit by wave after wave of wildly entertaining characters, including an alpha bride, surfing detectives, and a high school flame long forgotten? You’ll find yourself laughing until the very end of Drowning Lessons, a debut cozy mystery that makes the perfect beach read. Rub in some coconut oil, dangle your feet in the crystal-blue waters of Starfish Beach, and sip a cool drink as Lexie discovers the deductive superpowers she never knew she had. Let the party begin!

This story is much more than a cozy mystery. It is a dramedy where literally everything that can go wrong does. Twists, turns, craziness, and good old mayhem fill these pages all on an idyllic chain of islands . . . This was a fun book to read and a great start for this series.” ~Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book

“Drowning Lessons is filled with humor from beginning to end, not to mention several twists along the way. It’s the perfect beach read.” ~Socrates’ Book Reviews

Great debut for this new series: a compelling plot, a spectacular setting, and bizarre characters, nothing is missing.” ~LibriAmoriMiei

This is the first book of five in the Red Frog Beach Mystery Series. The Wipeout Affair, Book 2, will be released on October 17, 2019. 

I needed a breather and headed to the outer boundaries of the bar. Regular Josh was the only one not attached to anyone in the group. I grabbed two glasses of champagne and approached him, remembering the kind smile. Sometimes, kindness goes a long way. I walked over to him. “Do you mind if I join you?”

“Sure.” He took my drink offering.

“I’m Lexie.”

“I know.”

“You wrote a book,” I stated, reaching for any conversation.

He nodded. “Yes. You wrote a book too.” His smile from the afternoon was nowhere to be seen.

“So, we both wrote books,” I said, hoping to seem interested and interesting.

He-half-heartedly held up his glass to meet mine. “The difference being, that people actually read your book. That must have been nice.” He pointed across the room to a tall sinewy bespectacled man, looking at everyone as if they were part of a sociological research study.

Lloyd. Black hair, smirking, creepy, but when he dressed up, somehow he was magnetic. Dangerous.

“But what I’d really like to do is write a book about him. That’s Lloyd,” he said. “In college, we called him The Dissector.”

“I know,” I said in fear. “I know all about The Dissector.”

I’d read about him in with slam book with complete fascination. We’d been repeatedly reminded about him. He was a doctor and medical researcher. In college, he took his biology and anatomy classes very seriously and was lauded uncomfortably by his medical peers on his ease, precision and passion with the scalpel. He was now an MD, Ph.D., and whatever other Ds there were. The fact that he may or may not be have gone on a serial killing spree was just the icing on the cake. Eventually, it became a big joke between Walter and his friends, but Josh never stopped taking it seriously.

Medical research.

Serial killing.

Please don’t let me put this two and two together.

“You’re right. He would make a great book,” I commented, nervously fixated on Lloyd and Nico’s intense interaction I’d noticed on the beach early today when we all arrived for lunch at Red Frog Beach.

“I think he killed those girls. I thought it then and I still think it. It added up. I was on campus at the time and we were all scared still. Horror-stricken, even. Still am in a way. Though sometimes I think I’ll drop the idea altogether.”

“Glad he’s not staying at our hotel…”

“Don’t worry. You aren’t his type anyway.”

My problem, perhaps—that I wasn’t a type at all.


Rachel Neuburger Reynolds is the author of The Red Frog Beach Mystery Series. As a playwright, her plays have had been produced in London, Edinburgh, and New York. After 25-years in New York City, she now resides with her husband between London and St Leonards-on-Sea in England. For news about Rachel and the upcoming Red Frog Beach Mysteries, check out her website.

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