Saturday, October 5, 2019

Book Blitz and Giveaway: The Book Witch (Rosewood #2) by Desy Smith

Title: The Book Witch
Series: Rosewood, #2
Author: Desy Smith
Publication Date: October 4th 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
There are no bodies to bury, no graves with marked tombstones.

There are only three books, each one belonging to a member of the Rosewood family. There is only one reason for the books to be gathered all in one place—the witches who once owned them are dead.

Sage Rosewood is now the last of her line, a burden nearly as heavy as her grief.

Kayden, the charismatic werewolf who holds her heart, tries to console her, but there is only so much his warm arms and gentle words can do when her heart aches for vengeance. She wants nothing more than to find the people who killed her family, to dispatch justice, and to bring the bodies of her loved ones home.

Walk alongside Sage in this tale of magic, mystery, and vengeance. Every chapter will leave you spellbound.

My mother passed away when I was pretty young,” She stops stirring to look at me. “For the longest, I didn’t know what to do.” I swallow still not comfortable talking about this. “I felt this hole inside of me.” I begin to get emotional, just thinking about it. “You weren’t alone,” Aleron reminds me. He’s right. I continue clearing my throat. “Ravon, Kim, and Darrien, took me in as one of their own. It’s because of them, that I turned out to be the man I am today.” I admit.

“I don’t have anyone else,” she admits on a sniffle.

“You have me,” I tell her as I rest my head on top of hers, wrapping my arms around her waist. “Yes, because you like her,” Aleron says. I ignore him.

“But you’re so bossy,” she tells me between a sniffle and a half-hearted laugh, as she wipes her eyes.

“No, you just-” Aleron interrupts me, “Now isn’t the time to scold her.” Aleron says. Yes, he’s right. “I mean you also have Sean, and his friends, who seem to like you, and Ravon who really wants us to end up together for whatever reason,” I add.

“So, he can find his mate,” she tells me. I look down at her. I know my eyebrow is raised. How did she even know this? “He told me today at Mango café,” she confesses. I find it funny how Ravon fail to mention that. I’m going to strangle him.

You should have known, if given the opportunity, he was going to speak to her,” Aleron tells me. Yeah but I didn’t think, he was going to do it so soon.

Desy Smith, MFA, is a paranormal romance author and English teacher who is on a mission to expand her readers' minds and create unique worlds that they can escape to through the power of storytelling. Her poignant writing style features sassy heroines, urban drama, angels, wolves, demons, witches, and sensual scenes.

Born, raised and based in Dallas, Desy spent most of her childhood picking apart movies and books. Her mother and her affinity for all things supernatural also really drove Desy to dabble in life's unknowns and use her imagination. Ultimately, this led her to writing stories of her own at just 10 years of age. After her release of "The Talented (The Messenger Series)" this February, she will be working on book number three, and plans on writing until her last breath.

Currently, Desy is the Founder of Floebe Publishing, where she publishes her own and other writers' short stories (of 20,000 words max) with the busy reader in mind. She also provides complimentary creative writing advice to her fellow word weavers.

When she doesn't have a pen or book in hand, Desy Smith is a movie buff and foodie with an unquenchable sweet tooth (having a gluten allergy makes things a bit tricky). She also isn't much of a whistler and has a round face (people like pinching her cheeks any chance they get). With her "carpe diem" mindset towards life, she looks forward to exposing her readers to realms unseen.

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