Monday, September 9, 2019

Book Blitz and Giveaway: The Last Huntsman by Page Morgan

Title: The Last Huntsman
Author: Page Morgan
Publication Date: September 9th 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
No women. No children. No torture. The Huntsman has his rules.

For years, Tobin has done his emperor’s bidding, eliminating threats to the Empire of Morvansk. But when he is ordered to kill the lovely Princess Mara, Tobin’s absolute loyalty ends. The emperor’s punishment is swift and lethal, and Tobin is left with only one desire: vengeance.

Stay quiet. Stay hidden. Stay free. These are the rules Ever lives by.

Raised as a boy by her overprotective father, Ever has something the Morvansk emperor covets: mirror magic. With it, she can see anyone, anywhere, through the mirror’s glass. The emperor stole her mother years ago for this same magic, and now, he wants Ever, too.

When Ever’s mirror shows the wounded rebel huntsman approaching her village, she’s compelled to help him. But as Tobin and Ever grow closer, and their secrets intertwine, they’ll have to follow the rules they’ve always lived by—or break free from them, once and for all.

I walked to the canvas-covered mirror in the loft and drew back the drape, the distant howls of the hounds grating on my patience. There was no escaping it: The question of who killed Princess Mara plagued me. I thought of the wish she’d made to the moon. Please, let him be telling the truth. Who, Prince Orin? Had she suspected the Klaven prince was lying to her about something? Her desperation for the truth had been fierce.

“Mirror,” I said, “show me who Princess Mara spoke of. Show me who she wanted to be telling her the truth.”

I released a breath as the mirror’s surface shivered and my pulse throbbed. The glass thickened and swam with feathered colors, spiraling into a pinwheel of blue and purple and red. Each ring thinned and pushed to the edges, bringing forward a forest scene. A young man crouched by a river, the water running high and fast as he dunked the mouth of a water skin. A mop of black hair obscured most of his face.

This was not Prince Orin. I’d never seen the Prince of Klaven before, but it was clear this man was not royalty. He wore common buckskin trousers with leather ties on each thigh, meant for holding weapons or tools, and a torn and filthy shirt, rolled to the elbows. He combed his fingers through his hair and tucked it behind his ears, exposing more of his face—square jaw, straight nose bent slightly to the left, and dark, somber eyes fringed by long, thick lashes. He stared into the river, even after he’d filled his water skin and capped it. Whoever he was, he looked lost. Devastated.

Who had this man been to the princess? And why would he have possibly lied to her? My breaths echoed in my ears as I concentrated on his face, on the fresh scrapes and scratches on his cheeks and chin. Had he been in a fight? He looked like a fighter, rugged and fierce. And as I continued to stare at him, I understood why the princess might have been thinking of him that night on the balcony. Handsome and brooding, I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

A hound yowled in the forest, and in the mirror, the man stood quickly. He looked around as more yelps and barks entered my open loft door—and drifted from the direction of the mirror.

I sat straight, breath caught in my throat. The man stepped backward, his eyes locked on something beyond the mirror’s surface. But then, a pointed snout edged into view. Front paws followed, and then the whole shaggy-haired body of a hound came forward, sniffing and growling.

I shot to my feet. He was in the Rooks Hollow forest!


Page is the author of THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE CURSED, THE LOVELY AND THE LOST, and THE WONDROUS AND THE WICKED, young adult gothic thrillers critically acclaimed by Booklist, Publisher's Weekly, Kirkus, School Library Journal, VOYA, and The Bulletin. Page's novels have been an IndieNext selection, a Seventeen Magazine Summer Book Club Read, and a #1 Amazon bestseller. Her next book, THE LAST HUNTSMAN, is a reimagining of the Huntsman and Magic Mirror from the tale of Snow White. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and their three daughters, an English Pointer, an arrogant cat, two boring bearded dragons, a one-eared bunny, a bunch of chickens, and during the summer and fall, their neighbor's two sweet horses.

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