Sunday, September 1, 2019

Book Blitz and Giveaway: Kingdom Cold by Brittni Chenelle

Title: Kingdom Cold
Author: Brittni Chenelle
Publication Date: September 1st 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
Beware: a binge awaits.

Deliciously dark, romantic and gripping, the Kingdom Cold trilogy now can be yours in a dazzling collection.

Kingdom Cold follows the impulsive, teenage princess, Charlotte, as she attempts to murder her betrothed. But an arranged marriage is only the beginning of her problems, for the world as she knows it is falling apart. Her kingdom faces total destruction at the hands of Merlin and Lancelot, leaders of power-crazed Camelot.

Will wicked King Arthur prove, once and for all, that ruthless deeds create the legend? Can Princess Charlotte sacrifice love to save her home?

Only one can reign.

I stood paralyzed by humiliation. As I looked into her face, she did not resemble the foreign beauty I'd met once before, but rather a spoiled, selfish little princess who had already crossed enough unforgivable lines in the brief time I'd been in Besmium. This marriage wasn’t going to be as fun as I thought.

"I'm Prince Young of Vires," I said, bowing deeply. My mind raced.

I'll never love you.

I continued. "It's an honor to meet you."

You tried to kill me.



1. She lives in South Korea.
It's true. She does most of her updates in the morning or at night to account for the time difference. She also infuses most of her novels with her observations about Korean culture.

2. She's a Type 1 Diabetic.
She uses an insulin pump for survival and refers to her diabetes as "Beetie" which is what inspired her children's book "Life with Beetie". When she wants something from her parents she tells them, "My Beetie hurts." It's a trick that has never failed her.

3. She doesn't really BELIEVE in fiction.
Despite all the; Dragons, Elves, and Magic present in her novel "Involuted the Tale of the Red Ribbon Tree", Brittni INSISTS that it's a true story. I wouldn't normally believe it but when browsing some of her old pictures, you can find pictures of her with a mysterious red ribbon tied to her wrist.

4. She's OBSESSED with dark chocolate.
She made me put that in and would also like me to inform you (on an unrelated note) that her birthday is in May.

5. She loves video games, anime, and cosplay.
Favorite games: League of Legends, Stardew Valley, Pokemon. Favorite Anime: Avatar the Last Airbender, Your lie in April, Full Metal Alchemist. Cosplay: She once dressed as Korra from Legend of Korra. She's hoping there will be more brown characters for her to cosplay in the future.

6. She has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a Master's in Creative Writing.

7. She's working on a Manga/Anime style novel with about 100 images included.

8. Sorry guys, she's married.
If you ask her, she'll tell you her husband saved her life but every time someone asks "how" she gives a different reason. I've overheard her give about 4 different reasons, but I bet she has more. He must be an amazing guy.

9. She posts awesome travel pictures on her Instagram.
Her username is @brittnichenelle. You're here because you love her unique way of seeing the world, now you can see it in picture form! This is especially good if you have an interest in Asia since that's where most of her pictures are taken.

10: Brittni, why did you become a writer?
"I write because I would go crazy if I didn't. The body is limited but the mind is free to roam among dragons and fairies, it can soar through the air, and breathe underwater, and hold onto love in even the worst conditions. I guess that's why, because books are not bound by the rules of reality and I am addicted to the freedom-- seduced by the possibilities." -Brittni Chenelle

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  1. I encourage reading so having a family who loves to read I sure support.Thanks for sharing your terrific read with us.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful book. I love to read and my nieces have loved books since they were little.

  3. nice book cover and the book sounds interesting.

  4. It would be interesting to see what she does with such a well known legend

    1. I know the writer and believe me when I say, she has fun twisting this legend.;)

  5. What has publishing a book meant to you?

    1. For me, publishing means very little. It was more of a gold star for my chart than anything real. The real joy has been connecting with people who liked my story. The opportunity to bring complete strangers on a journey has given me a way of connecting that I haven't found any other way. :)

  6. Looks like an interesting book.
    Thanks for the contest. 

  7. The excerpt really draws me in. Really interesting.

    1. I hear the whole set is free with Kindle Unlimited. ;)