Sunday, September 29, 2019

Book Blitz and Giveaway: Chasing Beverly by Ashlynn Cubbison

Title: Chasing Beverly
Author: Ashlynn Cubbison
Publisher: Acorn Publishing
Publication Date: September 29th 2019
Genres: Romance, Sports, Young Adult
Two people. One chance to let it all go.

Seeking redemption, Beverly Morgan has spent the last three years building an empire that was someone else’s dream. Devoted to her work, a handful of friends, and an array of charities, she’s been able to lock away her heart and convince herself it’s dead. After an unthinkable tragedy, Beverly should know by now that a single day can change everything.

She can’t run from love forever.

Gavin has it all, a thriving business, phenomenal family, supportive friends, but an hour with Beverly Morgan makes him question his entire life and his own happiness.

She could be exactly what he needs, if she’s brave enough to open up again.

I stare into Gavin Reed’s deep blue eyes, which appear unaffected by my attitude to his annoying questions. The donut from earlier churns in my belly.

This handsome, passive-aggressive pr*ck knows about me. He knows about my past, and just like every other jerk, he’s baiting me. I shouldn’t be surprised he knows, but I expected him to be different.

Even so, dialing down the attitude right now is a smart decision. I’m the little company in this room, and he’s the one holding the power and my future. He can help me fulfill her dream and attain the redemption I’ve needed for so long. The redemption I need for Mom, Patrick, and myself.

Gavin pushes away from his desk, his chair scraping against the ugly concrete floor. He stalks toward me and positions himself in front of me, his six-foot, three-inch frame towering over me.

At first, I think he’s trying to intimidate me. I experience the primitive urge to kick him in his shins. I hesitate, though. His eyes are soft, and the tension in my shoulders loosens.

“Look, Miss Morgan, I’m very interested in working with your agency on this project. We’ve heard great things about your company, and we believe your business is the positive change to an industry that’s quickly cheapening itself. Our goal is to appeal and relate to women worldwide. We want more women watching the Olympics, more little girls dreaming about being a professional athlete, and our top priority is to get more girls and women active in sports. The long-term vision is for there to be demand and acceptance for professional women athletes making a living doing what they love and what they’re great at, the same as male athletes.

“I don’t know where this meeting went wrong. But I think it’s best if we take a look at the uniforms, costumes, whatever you want to call them, and then let’s regroup and meet for dinner tonight. It’ll give us both time to gather our thoughts and negotiate in a clear-headed manner.”

Ashlynn Cubbison is a goal-oriented, driven woman, who owns and operates four companies with her husband. They have two beautiful sons together, and although her life is chaotic, fun, full of love and never the same each day, somehow she finds room for writing as well.

Growing up Ashlynn struggled with reading. Then, in her sophomore year of high school, a small seed was planted. After acing a literary test, her teacher looked her square in the eye and said “you’ve been selling yourself short all year. I wonder what you could achieve with some effort.” After delving deeper into books, she discovered Pride and Prejudice, and has been an obsessive reader ever since.

Eventually her love of books translated into writing. She hopes to inspire others, especially children, to find their passion as she did.

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