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Audiobook Blog Tour and Giveaway: The Tree That Grew Through Iron (The Panagea Tales, Book 1) by McKenzie Austin

Audiobook Tour: The Tree That Grew Through Iron by McKenzie Austin

Title: The Tree That Grew Through Iron
Series: The Panagea Tales, Book 1
Author: McKenzie Austin
Narrator: Gerard Marquez
Length: 15 hours and 30 minutes
Publisher: McKenzie Austin
Released: August 6th 2019
Genre: Epic Fantasy
The world's end was his beginning.

Whole chunks of earth are withering away from the mainland and falling into the sea. Natural disasters are claiming thousands of lives. Prayers are no longer answered by gods. Prayers are answered by machines and the Time Fathers of Panagea.

Nicholai Addihein, one of the eight ruling Time Fathers, struggles to save the lives of his people. After a single moment of misunderstood treason, he must also save his own.

While running from the wrath of Panagea's other Time Fathers, Nicholai lands in peculiar company. Can a fabled immortal, a crew of societal rejects, and a silver-haired woman with a mysterious past breathe life back into a world on the brink of death?

With all of existence at stake, Nicholai and the others prepare to fight until their last breath to change the fate of Panagea. Who would ever guess that success might be just as fatal as failure?
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The following is an interview with Nicholai and Kazuaki.
1: What is your darkest childhood memory?
Nicholai: “My darkest childhood memory? I’d have to say that would be when I was told my mom had passed away. I remember the Western footmen coming in to tell me. I think I was… seven years old? Eight? I recall that I had a lot of questions, but nobody would answer them. Edvard--dad--he couldn’t even tell me himself. In fact, I don’t know that I saw him at all, until the day he shipped me off at the local steam train station, to live with my grandparents. Yes. That would be the darkest.”

Kazuaki: “People die, Nico. People should be conditioned to accept that by now.”

Nicholai: “Really? You’re going to chastise me for mourning my dead mother? Right, then, what’s your darkest memory?”

Kazuaki: “I’m centuries old, Nico. Centuries. I don’t remember a damn thing about my childhood, good or bad.”

2. What bad habits are you struggling to overcome?
Nicholai: “Oof, bad habits, let’s see…”

Kazuaki: “He’s naive. Too idealistic. Thinks he can change the minds of others without threat of violence, which circles back to the whole ‘naive’ thing--”

Nicholai: “What? Since when is refusal to commit murder a bad habit?”

Kazuaki: “It makes things unnecessarily difficult.”

Nicholai: “Ethics are an important part of--”

Kazuaki: “That’s another one of his weaknesses: his unwavering ethics.”

Nicholai: “Right. Condemn me. That’s fine. I’d say interrupting is one of your bad habits, but I don’t want to stoop to your level. Truth be told, Kazuaki Hidataka has many great qualities. He’s a fearless leader, a valiant fighter, and I’m honored to call him a comrade… even if he can be a bit obsessive.”

Kazuaki: “What was that?”

Nicholai: “Nothing.”

3. Are you afraid to be alone?
Nicholai: “Afraid? No. Solitude can help clear away any distractions that might prevent a person from arriving at the best possible route for a problem they may be facing. I do enjoy the company of others, though. It would be a terribly grim existence to be alone all the time.”

Kazuaki: “I fear nothing.”

Nicholai: *whispering* “Except being alone.”

Kazuaki: “Enduring an immortal existence in a dead world with no resources, with only the corpses of the millions who once dwelled on the surface for company, doesn’t exactly sound like a one way ticket to Utopia, does it, Nico?”

Nicholai: “It doesn’t sound like Utopia, no. But it does sound like you’re afraid of being alone.”

Kazuaki: “I’ll give you something to be afraid of--”

Nicholai: “Interview! Interview! You can threaten my life when we’re done here.”

4. What keeps you up at night?
Nicholai: “I suppose… the existential concern that I won’t be able to change things for the better. The dread of not being able to help people. The fear that I’m only making things worse. What about you, Kazuaki?”

Kazuaki: “I sleep just fine.”

Nicholai: “I should think that thoughts of Bermuda might keep you up at--”


5. What was your worst injury ever?
Nicholai: “Oh. Physical injury? I’d have to say the loss of my forearm. Thank the gods there are talented machinists out there who are able to craft metal replacements, and Umbriel certainly plays a great role in reattaching the prosthetics to the cerebellum and the nervous system.”

Kazuaki: “Once, on a mythological hunt for an enchanted cauldron that left no stomach unsatisfied if a meal was cooked inside it, an ancient booby trap eviscerated my torso. Stomach to spine. I held my entrails in my hands, and had to cradle them like a fragile child while I forced my broken body back to the ship. My lungs were pierced. You should have heard the sound that stemmed from my attempt at breathing. Nightmarish. After Elowyn choked back her shock, she managed to place my organs back in their proper place and stitch my stomach lining back together. Do you want to see the scar?”

Nicholai: “I… I, uh… I do not. Thank you.”

6. What songs make you think of your crush?
Nicholai: “Anything with a sweet melody. Or a sultry undertone. A major key, a minor key-- you know, there’s not much in this world that doesn’t make me think of Lilac, really.”

Kazuaki: “What the feck kind of question is this? Are we children?”

Nicholai: “There’s this one particular song that makes him think of Bermuda--”

Kazuaki: “I will end you, Nico. I will do to your throat what that booby trap did to my stomach lining.”

7. What is one thing you always carry with you?
Nicholai: “My Chronometer, absolutely. It’s my responsibility as a Time Father to be sure it is with me at all times.”

Kazuaki: “Three long range weapons of varying degrees of efficiency. The blunderbuss at the hip, revolver in the long jacket’s interior, and a musket strapped to the back. Melee weaponry of varying lengths: dirk, machete, cutlass. Standard stuff. Clay grenades in the pocket. A rope can be useful in many occasions. And a flint and steel, can’t leave the ship without those.”

Nicholai: “Gods alive, where do you put it all?”

Kazuaki: “You find room for the essentials.”

8. Is it easy to admit when you’ve made a mistake?
Nicholai: “Easy to admit it? Y-yes. Easy to remedy the situation after I admit my fault? Slightly less so…”

Kazuaki: “I’ve… made a few. Took a few decades to realize the error of my ways. But, I only make the same mistake once.”

9. Your childhood bully has grown up to be a philanthropist. Do you praise him and give to his cause? Or do you turn a shoulder to him and scoff?
Nicholai: “Of course I’d praise him. The betterment of an individual should be embraced and encouraged. We’re all hoping to improve ourselves; what better victory is there, than to see the evolution of those who need it the most?”

Kazuaki: “If I had a childhood bully, they would not have been afforded the luxury of growing up.”

10. Do you suffer from a reoccurring nightmare? If so, what happens in it?
Nicholai: “Hm. I relive the same nightmare over and over again. Lilac’s fate, you know, it’s… it’s difficult to talk about.”

Kazuaki: “I have no nightmares. I am the nightmare of others.”

Nicholai: “Oh? And that bit before, about wandering aimlessly through a dead world, all alone--that’s not something that haunts you?”

Kazuaki: “... This interview is over.”

Like many authors, McKenzie took to writing early. She crafted numerous tales throughout childhood that served as an escape from the solitude often accompanying the inability to ‘fit in’ with the normal crowd.

The award-winning author now resides with her family in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where she draws inspiration for her fantasy novels through copious amounts of craft beer and cheese.

Narrator Bio

Gerard got his start at an early age, performing with various Opera companies and teams throughout Australia. After moving to America as an adult he made the transition into musical theater, and voice-over. Gerard has worked with various Opera and Musical theater companies throughout southern California and LA. Gerard has been working as a narrator now for the last couple of years, and was incredibly honored and excited, when McKenzie Austin approached him to work on this great series.

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