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Book Blog Tour and Giveaway: Rounding Home by Sarah Swindell

Genre: Memoir / Family / Autism
Publication Date: August 2, 2019
Number of Pages: 256

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In 1991, twenty-one-year-old Sarah, the recently divorced mother to two-year-old Hayley, moved from the dusty small town of Farmington, New Mexico to the bustling city of Houston, Texas with dreams of a better life. A year later, she was swept off her feet by Greg Swindell, an established Major League Baseball player who had just signed a lucrative contract with the Houston Astros and was quickly becoming the talk of the city. 

Six weeks after their first date, Greg asked Sarah to quit her job as a hairdresser and marry him during Spring Training in Florida. Over the next several years, Sarah's Cinderella story continued with the addition of three more children, a lifestyle only a few ever dream of living, and a love story even fewer ever experience.

That is until 2002 when her picture-perfect life came to a gut-wrenching halt, and Sarah was faced with more pain than she ever thought possible. For almost a decade, the puzzle pieces would cease to align due to an avalanche of events; a devastating autism diagnosis, a painful affair, multiple marriages, multiple divorces and her children's own personal struggles with self-harm, eating disorders, and attempted suicide. 

If you have ever felt lost, betrayed, or heartbroken, this story will inspire you to never give up on finding true joy and happiness again. It will prove there is no such thing as the “perfect family” and that difficult times can actually make you stronger than you ever dreamed possible.

"Rounding Home takes you on a riveting journey through the eyes of an exceptional woman who embraced struggle, love, success, and the unimaginable, autism. Get ready to laugh, cry, and flutter with romance; it’s one hell of a love story!" -- Gena Lee Nolin, actress, author, advocate, “Thyroid Sexy,” wife & mother

"In Rounding Home, Sarah writes with gritty honesty, a deeply moving account of life with her autistic son. This testament to the resilience of the human spirit will touch your heart and soul." -- Gayle Nobel, life coach, autism mom, and author of three books about living with autism

"This story of the Swindell family is a poignant demonstration of how each family member responded and was changed, for better or worse, as they struggled to come to terms with how their lives had been altered. And although there was damage along the way, they ultimately triumph by rekindling the love that created their family unit in the first place." -- Dr. Bryan Jepson, author, physician, and father of two sons with autism

Sarah Swindell lives in the Austin area with her husband, Greg, a former Major League Baseball player and 2019 Texas Sports Hall of Fame inductee. Sarah is a commercial actress/model and has been working in the industry for over thirty years. She enjoys spending her free time with her four grown children and several grandchildren who reside in Texas as well. 

Sarah is an avid moviegoer, loves yoga and true-crime podcasts, and advocates for children and adults with autism and other disabilities. Her son was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of eighteen months and continues to touch peoples' hearts to this day.

- Why did you choose to write a memoir?
My main reason for sharing my story is to help women who might be going through difficult times, and to let them know they are not alone in the struggle. I have cornered the market on challenging and sometimes heartbreaking situations –most of the time feeling very isolated, ashamed, and scared for what the future held. My story gives hope that love and happiness CAN prevail in the end and reminds others to never give up no matter how grim things may seem.

- Why did you decide to self-publish?
Being an unknown author, I quickly discovered just how hard it was to find a traditional publisher that would give me a shot. Then I realized just how much I wanted to keep my story in my own words and in my control with how it is put out there. Yep, I am a tad of a control freak!

- What was the hardest part of writing this book?
I think trying to piece together my memories of certain feelings, events, dialogue from the past, etc. and create a story that would make sense to readers. I am far from a writer and my lack of confidence in my skill held me back for years. But I always felt I had a story to tell. It was also difficult navigating all the technical stuff with self-publishing and learning all the terminology. The book design company I hired, Design 1106, was key in helping me through all that part.

- What did you enjoy most about writing Rounding Home?
I first started a blog back in October of 2018 to test the waters if people would like what I had to say. The feedback was incredible and really gave me the push I needed to tell my story. I really enjoyed knowing how much my posts meant to people and how much it helped them in their own struggles. It sure made the book writing process much more fun knowing people might actually like it!

- What do you read in your free time?
I actually LOVE memoirs or anything non-fiction. There is something that captivates me about true events that have taken place or peoples’ life experiences. I love to read about anything that will make me cringe, laugh, cry, or feel scared as long as it is real!

- Are there any people you credit for being your inspiration for reading and writing?
I actually have two people. Judy Blume was my first author I fell in love with at a very young age, and who made me realize just how much I love a good story and getting lost in it. As an adult, it was after I read Rachelle Hollis’s book, Girl Wash Your Face, that actually gave me the courage to NOT be afraid of what people think about my writing and to follow my dream of writing a book. I listened to the audio version while I worked out (I listened to the whole thing twice), and it moved me to tears more than a few times. I put on my vision board to meet her in person sometime in 2019 and a few months later, my oldest daughter got a job working for her marketing team…the true power of a vision board!

- What’s something interesting, fun, or funny that most people don’t know about you?
I am completely obsessed with true-crime podcasts. I mean REALLY obsessed. I can’t remember the last time I actually listened to music in the car. The more morbid and scary, the better! In my next life I WILL be a crime scene investigator.
August 22-September 1, 2019
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  1. I understand having a child with special needs. I am only just now beginning to learn how my daughter's needs impacted the rest of my kids. Thanks for writing the book

  2. sounds intense and i loved the interview. thanks for sharing
    sherry @ fundinmental