Friday, August 2, 2019

Blog Tour: Total Blueprint for World Domination - Illustrated by Jolene Stockman

Total Blueprint for World Domination
Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Total Blueprint for World Domination by Jolene Stockman. This blog tour was organized by Lola's Blog Tours. On my stop, I have a fantastic guest post for you. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for more guest posts, excerpts, interviews, reviews, and more. Enjoy!
Total Blueprint for World DominationTitle: Total Blueprint for World Domination – Illustrated
Author: Jolene Stockman
Publication Date: August 1st 2019
Genres: Non-fiction/ Motivational/ Illustrated/Young Adult
Total Blueprint for World Domination is a motivational non-fiction book for young adults. Design your dream world and make it happen! Bursting with full-color superheroes, boosted with online learning, the new edition of Total Blueprint for World Domination - illustrated takes you from this very second to your greatest dreams. So, are you ready?

Total Blueprint for World Domination illustration
Jolene Stockman
Jolene Stockman is a multi-award winning author, speaker, and business owner. She is also tangata whaitakiwātanga; an autistic person. Since her adult diagnosis, she has gone public with her experience - its challenges and superpowers as a TEDx Talk. Her books let you uncover your superpowers to design (and dominate!) your dream world.

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Who is your favorite comic or cartoon superhero and why? Who is your favorite comic or cartoon villain and why?
I love the superhero metaphor! And the way I see it; both villains and superheroes are inspiring – they have strong goals and intentions, they pull together teams of people with similar values, and they plan to make their dreams happen. They figure out who they are and what they want, and they make it happen (using colors and symbols to remind them of their awesomeness). I like to think there’s a fictional story that resonates with all of us, and what a gift, to be inspired by cool and vulnerable characters (both heroes and villains) that kick ass! The idea that we all have gifts and challenges is empowering. The idea that some of us are born super, some become super with training, and some with tools or ideas (or traumas), is inclusive and diverse and exactly what the world needs.

A new favorite of mine is Marvel’s Domino (Neena Thurman) – her superpower is manipulating probability, something that looks a lot like luck. This idea of a superpower being even more subtle and intangible that physical strength or a gear-packed batcave is exciting to me. Every person has something special about them that will change the world once they embrace it, and what if our job here is just to figure out how we can best serve the world with our superpowers?

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