Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Book Review: The First Mistake by Sandie Jones

Title: The First Mistake
Author: Sandie Jones
Publication Date: June 11th 2019
Genre: Thriller
THE WIFE: For Alice, life has never been better. With her second husband, she has a successful business, two children, and a beautiful house.

HER HUSBAND: Alice knows that life could have been different if her first husband had lived, but Nathan’s arrival into her life gave her back the happiness she craved.

HER BEST FRIEND: Through the ups and downs of life, from celebratory nights out to comforting each other through loss, Alice knows that with her best friend Beth by her side, they can survive anything together. So when Nathan starts acting strangely, Alice turns to Beth for help. But soon, Alice begins to wonder whether her trust has been misplaced . . .

The first mistake could be her last.

I love a good thriller, so I was very excited to read The First Mistake by Sandie Jones. The synopsis just sucked me in. I was so happy that this book didn't disappoint.

The plot sucked me in right away. I found myself immersed in the world that Sandie Jones had created for her characters. Alice is still grieving over her husband Tom who died years ago. However, she's now married to Nathan and has a daughter with him. Alice soon suspects that Nathan is having an affair. When Alice tries to find out if Nathan is cheating, that's when she begins to realize that no one is who they seem. I will say that while I did find the plot interesting enough, I also found it predictable. Early on, I had predicted the plot twists for this book including the major plot twist. That didn't me enjoy it any less. I kept reading to make sure I was correct in my predictions. What really irked me the most was the ending of The First Mistake. It just seemed really rushed. The truth came out, and then it was all over within a page. I don't want to go into too much detail due to spoilers, but I just felt as if the author couldn't be bothered to write anymore, so she took the easy way out. I would have liked to know what happened to everyone in a few months time instead of the book ending so suddenly.

I thought all of the characters were well written in The First Mistake. Alice was a likable character, and I found myself angry when it seemed like Nathan may have been cheating on her. However, I felt like she was cheating on Nathan in a sense as she was still grieving her dead husband almost 10 years later. Beth was an interesting character, and I enjoyed her backstory. However, I felt like she wasn't around enough in the actual present day story. We learn about her past, but we don't see her and Alice interact too much even though they are best friends. Although I had Nathan figured out, I felt he was fleshed out very well, and I loved how convincing and charming he was towards his wife and how great he was at calming her fears about him having an affair even when all the evidence that he was cheating was there. Olivia was my favorite character. She's Nathan's and Alice's daughter. I just thought she was the cutest little girl!

The pacing was done very well, and the only place I felt like it faltered was during Beth's backstory. I just felt there was too much information that was irrelevant when learning about Beth's past. Apart from that, I felt like the pacing stayed consistent throughout.

Trigger warnings for The First Mistake include sexual situations (though not graphic), drinking alcohol, profanity, theft, violence, and death.

All in all, The First Mistake is an interesting read. Although I found it predictable, and I hated the ending, I still enjoyed this book very much. I would recommend The First Mistake by Sandie Jones to everyone aged 17+ who enjoy a good thriller. This one does not disappoint.
(A special thank you to the publisher for providing me with an ARC paperback of The First Mistake by Sandie Jones in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.)

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