Saturday, June 15, 2019

Book Blitz and Giveaway: Coveting Love & Revenge (Perilously Pretty) by Haven Cage

Title: Coveting Love & Revenge 
Series: Perilously Pretty
Author: Haven Cage
Publication Date: June 12th 2019
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance, Suspense
Synthia will do anything for her daughter – even murder.

1871, high-society Savannah, Georgia.

Penniless and jaded governess, Synthia James, is trapped with her employer, a man she once loved but now despises. His obsession with money and stature has corrupted them both. When he bids their young housemaid to kill a man who threatens his business, Synthia’s maternal instincts take over, and she commits the heinous deed herself.

Now there’s another business enemy… and her former beau wants him dead. But the new cotton farmer has revived Synthia’s long-forgotten passions.

With blood on her hands already, Synthia is prepared to kill again. But who? The new business partner for her daughter’s sake, or her greedy lover for morality and freedom?

Mr. Burke raised his drink to his lips and sipped, his eyes roving over my face. It felt like he was dissecting me, taking apart my mask to discover my weaknesses.

Suddenly feeling fidgety, I peeled a torn cuticle from my nail and tapped my toes against the plush rug beside the bed. I looked at my cooling drink to avoid his intense gaze.

I lifted my tea from the tray and brought it closer to my mouth, pausing to ask, "What kind of man are you, Mr. Burke? I find it hard to believe you're the type to take in criminals and hide them in your home."

I drank the warm ocher liquid, considering a moment too late they might have poisoned me as I had Edison. He could have easily told his kind maid to slip something into my tea before bringing it up.

He scooted to the edge of his seat, angling his body into my space.

I berated myself for wanting to meet him halfway, for wanting to throw aside all my inhibitions and capture him in a kiss so violent we would both be ruined afterwards.

"I'm the kind of man who will watch a woman bathe in the moonlight, during witching hours, dressed in nothing but her chemise. I'm the kind of man who will stand in the shadows, spying, watching that woman feed a body to the alligators." He inched forward, his gaze locked on mine.

His hand slid up my thigh, dragging along the rough cotton of my trousers. I couldn't bring myself to stop him. My hand quivered, sloshing the tea in my cup. I looked away from his penetrating eyes, setting my teacup back on the tray to distract myself.

Mr. Burke hooked his finger under my chin and urged me to stare into his glorious gray eyes. "Ms. James, I'm the type of man who will take a dangerous woman's secrets to my deathbed, hoping one day she would trust me enough to be mine."

Haven Cage lives in the Carolinas with her husband and son. After many years of dabbling with drawing, painting, and working night shift in the medical field, she decided to try her hand at writing. Unfortunately, her love for books came later in life and proved to add a healthy challenge during her writing journey. Determined to hone her craft though, she soaks up as much information as she can, spends her free time tapping away in her favorite local coffee shop, and keeps a good book in hand whenever possible.

What began as a hobby has grown into a way of escape and the yearning to take her journey farther, her love for writing and reading deepening along the way.

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