Thursday, May 23, 2019

Book Tour and Giveaway: No Saving Throw (A Ten Again Mystery) by Kristin McFarland

No Saving Throw
(A Ten Again Mystery)
Kristin McFarland

Cozy Mystery
A supremely geeky murder mystery perfect for Whovians, gamers, and Muggles alike.

"A cozy shop, a tricky murder, geek humor, and gaming lore galore―what’s not to love in No Saving Throw? This book is a winner, and I can’t wait to take another turn!" –Leigh Perry, author of The Family Skeleton Mysteries

"Enjoyable debut....Readers will hope to see a lot more of the plucky Autumn." –Publisher's Weekly

Autumn has everything she could possibly want: Loving friends, a successful business, and a gaggle of gamers in her store every day.

Welcome to Ten Again, a tabletop gaming store that attracts nerds of every kind and fosters a community Autumn’s pretty proud of―a community that also keeps business afloat. And now that Autumn's in the running for a grant, Ten Again’s future is looking bright.

That is, until one of Autumn’s gamers is mysteriously murdered. With everyone in the mall as a suspect and accusations flying, Autumn is going to have to do some sleuthing of her own to save her shop and her gamers from a fate more dangerous than having no saving throw.

A nat 20! No Saving Throw is a fun, tight mystery that perfectly encapsulates the difficulties gamers face at being taken seriously. Protagonist Autumn Sinclair will stop at nothing to save not only her store, but also the geeky community it fosters.” ―Alex Erickson, author of the Bookstore CafĂ© Mysteries

Kristin McFarland has a Master of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University, which launched her on a short-lived but very exciting career as a newspaper reporter. After graduate school, she worked for five different newspapers around the country, writing about politics, crime, arts, environmental issues, crack addicts, prostitutes, and parades. She eventually wised up and decided that making up political fights and crime scenes would be a lot more fun than reporting on real ones. Today, she lives in southern Indiana, where she spends most of her time daydreaming about fictional lives and/or thinking about wool.

Win a $20 Amazon gift card or a print copy of No Saving Throw by Kristin McFarland!

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  1. I really like the book cover

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    Nice book cover and the book sounds interesting.

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