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Book Blitz and Giveaway: I Spy the Boy Next Door by Samantha Armstrong

Title: I Spy the Boy Next Door
Author: Samantha Armstrong
Publication Date: May 25th 2019
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Four p.m. spy sessions are the highlight of Mallory Taylor’s day. Observing the boy next door—one with a body and an attitude to match—has her perched beside her window so often it can’t be healthy.

When she finally convinces her mom to let her go to public school, Mallory comes face to face with her neighbor, Troy Parker. And he makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her. His rejection awakens a newfound tenacity and maybe even a touch of recklessness. But when Troy starts to show up when she needs him the most, Mallory can’t help but wonder if there’s more to him than he’s let on.

Taking chances, breaking rules, and following her heart is all new to Mallory. And no one warned her just how fickle hearts can be. When she discovers that Troy isn’t at all the guy she imagined him to be, secrets rise to the surface that will change her life forever.

**This is a standalone mature Young Adult/New Adult contemporary romance.

“Miss Taylor. Do you know what this would be?”

My head snaps to the front of the classroom. My cheeks grow hot. Mr. Brown’s arms are crossed, but he doesn’t look angry, yet.

I drop my gaze to my textbook, quickly scanning the page.

I’m such a hypocrite. I have no idea what we’re even talking about, and here I am, inwardly scolding Troy for not paying attention.

Mr. Brown shifts the attention to a girl beside me. She’s happy to answer as I bury my shame in my arms on my desk.

First period—first period—and I’m already humiliated.

My mind’s a scattered mess. I glance at the numbers on the board, but I can’t concentrate. I barely make it five minutes before I peek at Troy through my thick lashes. I’m shocked to discover he’s looking right back at me. But I’m not shocked to find his eyes are still narrowed.

I attempt to swallow and break the connection, but it’s too strong. My palms grow clammy, and I wipe them against my jeans. I wonder if he’s sending me death threats because I stole his chair. Or maybe he’s sending them to Fluffy. Too bad Fluffy’s already dead. Poor Fluffy. RIP, buddy.

Even to this day, I don’t know what I did to deserve the treatment he dished out all those years ago. And apparently, he’s still dishing it out. He was the one who kicked his stupid football into my backyard—not me.

“You’re staring,” Evie says flatly.

I am? I am. Sh*t. Snapping my attention back to the textbook in front of me, I don’t even turn around to defend myself. Evie already knows how weird I am, and I don’t think there’s any point in trying to prove her wrong.

The lesson drags, mostly because Troy’s presence consumes me. My purpose for experiencing public school wasn’t just on the basis of being closer to Mr. Parker; it was to meet new people, experience new things, and get good grades from a teacher I don’t know.

It looks as if only one of those things is going my way.

Samantha Armstrong's novels incorporate all of the feels--from swoon-worthy heroes to sweet-but-mostly-sassy heroines, quirk and laughter to emotional grit and panty melting-heat. She has written in multiple genres, but never strays far from romance.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Samantha Armstrong prefers to be tucked away writing whenever she can -- or, rather, whenever her adorable yet demanding baby boy allows.

A normal day for her includes diapers--lots of them--walks with both babies (i.e. human baby and dog baby), writing between naps, and staying up late to write even more. Then somehow fitting all the other stuff in between.

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