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Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway: Mona Lisas and Little White Lies by John Herrick

Welcome to my stop on the virtual book tour for Mona Lisas and Little White Lies by John Herrick. This book tour was organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. On my stop, I have a guest post as well as an excerpt for you. There's also a tour wide giveaway. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour here for more guest posts, excerpts, interviews, reviews, and more. Enjoy!
Title: Mona Lisas and Little White Lies
Author: John Herrick
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Publication Date: March 19, 2019
She’s America’s hottest new celebrity. But her identity remains a secret.

Lily Machara is a wisecracking auto mechanic. She’s never cared for glitz or drama. But when Ryder Flynn, a rising star in the world of commercial art, adopts Lily as his muse after a random sighting, Lily discovers herself painted into his hot new pieces … and becomes America’s newest — anonymous — celebrity.

The only problem: The woman Ryder imagines isn’t the true Lily.

Or is it?

Now, as Lily and Ryder give in to mutual curiosity and a budding romance, Lily’s life — secrets and all — fall victim to a pop culture with one question on its mind: Who is the woman in Ryder Flynn’s art?

In the spirit of Cyrano de Bergerac and Pretty Woman, MONA LISAS AND LITTLE WHITE LIES is a delightful new romantic comedy from John Herrick, bestselling author of Beautiful Mess.

By three in the morning, Ryder had left Lily with her relatives and parted ways with her. The thought of never seeing her again chafed his heart as he walked down the hotel’s ninth-floor hallway and stuck his key card into the electronic lock of his own room. As he walked inside, his eyes moved toward one side, where a table lamp kept everything aglow.

He wouldn’t sleep at all tonight. He couldn’t. The thought of Lily lingered in his mind and swayed within his soul. Even at her low point that evening, as dismal as she’d appeared, Ryder had seen an angel when he’d gazed into her eyes.

In his room, he plunged into a sea of plush cushions on the sofa and grabbed a tiny, five-dollar bottle of mineral water from the mini bar. As the carbonated liquid tickled his throat and settled into his belly, its bubbles danced and brought a grin to his face. An unexpected end to the evening. Ryder hadn’t stepped foot in his room since morning and noticed he’d left the curtains open. From his vantage point on the sofa, he gazed out the window at the Cleveland skyline, where he noticed lights glowing from a nearby office tower.

Something stirred in his soul, but he couldn’t identify its source. Invigoration, perhaps? No, on second thought, he felt…alive. Alive, fueled by the memory of her.

Something about her had created in him a longing.

The stirring wouldn’t cease. An artist’s vulnerability. An abstract impression that begged manifestation.

She had disappeared from his life. Dejected at the realization, Ryder sought to keep her memory alive.

With a beckoning in his heart, he moved to the writing desk. From his satchel, which he’d placed beside the desk when he’d arrived that morning, he retrieved a small sketchbook and his favorite pencil. After flipping through the book in a hurry, he found a crisp, white page and focused his attention. With soft, careful strokes, he sketched a figure on the paper.

John Herrick is best known as a chronicler of the human heart. His complex characters and earnest tone prompted Publishers Weekly to write, "Herrick will make waves." When he is not writing, he loves long drives on the interstate. He is a sucker for 1990s music. Herrick lives in St. Louis.

In addition to novels such as BEAUTIFUL MESS and FROM THE DEAD, he authored the nonfiction bestseller, 8 REASONS YOUR LIFE MATTERS.


Thanks for letting me stop by All the Ups and Downs! Heather, at the blog, asked me, If you could be anonymous for 24 hours and get away with anything, what would you do?

I’ve considered what I would do if I didn’t need to pay the mortgage, if getting paid weren’t necessary, I’d move near the Atlantic coast, somewhere warm, to write and pursue other projects. I’m good at identifying talent in the raw, so I’d seek people with raw talent and mentor them the best I could. If money were no option, I’d invest in other people’s work and watch them succeed, or watch them get up, brush themselves off, and try again when they fail (as we all do sometimes).

But getting away with anything anonymously for 24 hours? That got me thinking. I could steal anything I want, but to tell the truth, I enjoy working hard and earning my way in life. I could go out in public and let off whatever steam has build beneath my layers, taking it out on whoever crosses my path. For anyone who has caused me perpetual headaches over the years, I could tell them what I truly think of them. For those who have hurt me, I could take revenge.

But as I thought through all of that, I came back to the simplicity of kindness. Because when my life is finished and I’ve left my mark on those I love, on my family and friends and readers, if I’m known for one thing, I think I’d want people to say, “John was kind. He was always kind to me. He always cheered me on. He made me feel like I could do whatever I needed to do.”

I think that’s the reason I create the characters I do. Some of them are hurting. Others are cocky and stumble into a season of humility. But by the end of the story, each one has learned the beauty of kindness, and the value found in reaching out, doing what you can to make other people’s lives better. Letting them know they are loved. They are appreciated. That life is better because they entered your life.

It boils down to kindness. And if I were anonymous for a day, I think I’d take the opportunity to spread random acts of kindness to people who have never seen me before and will never see me again. People who have no idea who I am.

And the beauty of it is that I can live that way today. So can you.

Thank you for letting me stop by the blog. You probably make a bigger difference in people’s lives than you realize. If you’d like to see a few ways you do—and this is NOT a book plug—check out my nonfiction book 8 Reasons Your Life Matters. If I wasn’t required to charge for it, I’d give it away for free, because it was written as a gift.

And this IS a book plug: I hope you’ll check out my latest novel, Mona Lisas and Little White Lies, a romantic comedy and modern-day fairytale in the vein of the film Pretty Woman. You can find out more about Mona Lisas, along with all my other novels, at and my socials. And I LOVE hearing from readers!
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