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Book Blitz and Giveaway: From Geek to Greek Billionaire (Anderson Brothers #5) by Gloria Silk

Title: From Geek to Greek Billionaire
Series: Anderson Brothers #5
Author: Gloria Silk
Publication Date: December 12th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Olivia Moore has landed her dream job—to renovate a very special beach house for her best friend, Maria. The last thing Olivia needs is to bump into her teen crush, the geeky yet sexy Alexander Anderson. She fell in love with him so hard and completely and he broke her heart. Now he’s her best friend’s brother-in-law.

Despite his devastating mistake a decade earlier the shy, enigmatic bachelor now asks Olivia to help him with a special makeover and an infusion of confidence to woo a particular, special woman (unaware that she’s the one he’s after) she wants nothing to do with him. After all, despite her generous nature to help, she cannot risk getting closer to him. Her life has no room for romance or distractions. Still coming to terms with her secret past she fears that Alexander may discover it. She wants an uncomplicated life focusing on what she loves–redesigning homes–with no risk of being hurt.and , pain free and not risking being hurt.

This bestselling 40,000 word novel is an expanded and enhanced version of the novella first published as part of the amazing Billionaires on the Beach Anthology: which raised 100% of the proceeds for breast cancer in summer of 2017.

…Ms. Silk’s uplifting stories pull you in and make you fall in love…” Elizabeth Lennox, Bestselling Romance Author

Alex could not believe how strangely he felt just by looking into Olivia’s large blue eyes. They seemed even more knowing yet reserved, and understandably so.

Olivia Moore was here now, when he needed peace and quiet and to think clearly. He felt like his twenty-year-old self; gawky, unsure of himself and unworthy of someone as lovely and generous as Olivia.

She appeared to be as gregariously colorful and full of life, with her burning red wavy hair and those huggable, sinfully delicious curves covered sensuously in a tight sports top, pants and over shirt.

Well, he was going to regroup and see how he could make this gift work to his advantage. He had been a coward all those years ago; he should have sought her out before or even during the gala and demanded answers from his first love.

But like his brothers had always teased him, he had turned chicken and run.

Unable to take his eyes off her, he heard her repeat how busy her life was, but all he could think about was the night before the gala, when their kisses had turned from explorative to explosive passion.

How alive he felt just remembering that time.

Ah, that large, warm hotel linen closet. Ever since that day, the lemony, lavender scents of fresh linens transported him back to their first time.

From the first moment he saw her, he had been attracted to her generous spirit. Then he could not resist that voluptuous body and those delicious breasts, which had driven him crazy.

But she had been adamant that she was an overweight geek.

Even when he had tried to tell her how beautiful she was, she hadn’t heard him. She never noticed how the other boys had stared at her, but he certainly had. Instead of confessing and repeating what he really felt about her mind and her delectable body, he had determined to prove to her how desirable she was.

Finally, as a naïve and shy twenty-year-old he had gotten carried away....And had ruined it all afterwards.

Now he was at the right place at the right time, here at the beach, where the fun-loving Aunt Jenny had first befriended him. Who would have guessed that Aunt Jenny’s granddaughter, Maria, would become his first sister-in-law?

Seeing Olivia here, he was glad to be back. His gut, which had helped and saved him many times in business over the past decade, told him that Maria—and somehow Aunt Jenny—were the reasons why he was here.

If his romantic sister-in-law had engineered his return to Wrightsville Beach to rekindle his romance with her best friend, he hoped it meant that Olivia was unattached.

Propelled by a force he could not resist he was determined to utilize all his business acumen and win her trust back. Perhaps he could ask some of his happily married brothers and their wives for some overdue advice about how he could get to know Olivia once more without screwing it up again.

Ever since Gloria Silk was little her passion was creating and sharing her romantic stories with others. She always loved reading contemporary and historical novels that grasped her imagination. Gloria now writes intense, sensuous love stories.

In addition to writing romance and women’s fiction, she enjoys writing intercultural romances and about family bonds. What can be more important in life than love and family?

Born in Russia, Gloria Silk has visited and lived in amazing, exotic places in the world. Loving Europe (especially the English, Italian and French countryside) and the Mediterranean, her other favorite country is Hawaii. She has yet to visit India and Australia, her dream destinations in the name of research, of course!

Being a writer gives her the privilege to explore, travel, and meet wonderful, new and exciting—and sometimes eccentric—people. Her background in English literature, writing, and psychology helps her create unique characters for her stories. Especially the charismatic heroes and feisty heroines who find themselves in sticky situations with each other, their families, and their cultures. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing readers love her warm heroines and the gorgeous enigmatic heroes, like she falls in love with them.

When she is not painting in various media or watching romantic movies, or cooking up a storm for her family and friends, she hangs out with her writing friends and other creatives.

Although she was brought up in England, she now lives – and writes – in the Toronto, Canada, with her own love of her life, soul-mate husband, her gorgeous and fun daughter and her smart, blonde Cockapoo, Princess Bella.

Please email Gloria Silk with any questions or comments at:

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