Saturday, March 16, 2019

Book Tour and Giveaway: Spells, Salt, & Steel - Season One by Gail Z. Martin and Larry N. Martin

Spells, Salt, & Steel
Season One
Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin

Comedic Horror
When all else fails, the ass end of a carp makes a damn fine weapon.

Your new favorite monster hunter has arrived! Bubba the Monster Hunter has some competition in this horror comedy collection from best-selling author duo Gail Z. & Larry N. Martin!

By day, Mark Wojcik can be found elbow-deep in engine grease, making cars and trucks safe for the highway. By night, he can be found traipsing through the wilds of Pennsylvania, making the world safe for humans. He’s more than just a mechanic, he’s a New Templar Knight. He travels the backroads and byways fighting weresquonks, ningen, selkies, ghosts, and…gnomes? Is that gnome…naked? (sigh).

Season One collects the first four novellas in the Spells, Salt, & Steel series –
Spells, Salt, & Steel
Open Season
Deep Trouble
Close Encounters

Gail Z. Martin discovered her passion for science fiction, fantasy and ghost stories in elementary school. The first story she wrote at age five was about a vampire. Her favorite TV show as a preschooler was Dark Shadows. At age 14, she decided to become a writer. She enjoys attending science fiction/fantasy conventions, Renaissance fairs and living history sites.
Larry N. Martin is the author of the new sci-fi adventure novel Salvage Rat. He is the co-author (with Gail Z. Martin) of the Spells, Salt, and Steel/New Templars series; the Steampunk series Iron & Blood; and a collection of short stories and novellas: The Storm & Fury Adventures set in the Iron & Blood universe. He is also the co-author of the upcoming Wasteland Marshals series and the Joe Mack Cauldron/Secret Council series.

The Martins have three children, a Maltese, and a Golden Retriever.

Monster Hunting Teamwork
by Gail Z. Martin and Larry N. Martin

In our Spells, Salt and Steel series, mechanic Mark Wojcik hunts monsters in the wilds of Northwestern Pennsylvania. It’s a lonely business, because most people don’t really know about or believe in the things that go bump in the night. Fortunately, Mark has good friends who have his back, help on his hunts, and research supernatural dangers so he can handle the things that go bump in the night.

Father Leo is Mark’s handler, as a member of the Occulatum, a secret Vatican organization of monster hunters. Blair Hamilton runs the local hardware store, and keeps a room in the back just for hunters that carries the special equipment they need to handle the supernatural threats they face. Chiara Hamilton runs a bookstore and coffee shop which is also the meeting place for the local coven, and Chiara uses her online skills to research the details needed for special spells and rituals. They’re just some of the quirky recurring characters that make the setting feel like a real town full of people you get to know over the course of the adventures.

Whether it’s fighting a Japanese fish-monster, dealing with a Mafia warlock or stopping a naughty gnome causing cemetery chaos, Mark Wojcik is the guy who saves the day, with his own snarky humor to see him through.

The Spells, Salt and Steel series is part of the Bubba the Monster Hunter universe originated by John Hartness, and loosely ties together with all of the other regional series set in that world.
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