Sunday, March 3, 2019

Book Review: A Kiss of Madness by K.B. Everly and Stacy Jones

Title: A Kiss of Madness
Authors: K.B. Everly and Stacy Jones
Genre: Romance, Reverse Harem, Contemporary
I’ve always known things I shouldn’t know, and seen things I shouldn’t see—things no one else sees. One terrifying vision—and my reaction to it—lands me in Brocker’s Center for the Criminally Insane.

I’m convinced I can survive my time here unscathed. After all, I’m not crazy. But after spending time with three guys—a schizophrenic with two personalities, a pathological liar who isn’t to be trusted, and a nymphomaniac with a penchant for knives—I’m beginning to doubt my sanity.

Can I separate the real from the mad, or will this place make me spiral further down into the dark recesses of my mind?

Am I crazy?
I’ll let you decide...

*This is a twisted Reverse Harem romance novel that’ll leave you questioning if what you’re reading is true, or just a Kiss Of Madness*

**WARNING: This book contains themes and situations some readers may find sensitive including mental illness, assault, and attempted sexual assault.

My Review:
I love reading books about mental illness, and even more so if they take place inside an asylum. When I saw A Kiss of Madness by K.B. Everly and Stacy Jones, it seemed like the perfect read for me. Unfortunately, I was left very disappointed.

The synopsis for A Kiss of Madness sounded very interesting. It could have been a very interesting book except there's too much going on in the story. Lydia gets sent to Brocker's Center for the Criminally Insane after having a vision and throwing a chair through a window as well as attacking an innocent bystander. She could have chose jail time or to voluntarily commit herself to Brocker's. She chose the latter. While there, she gets feelings about people and doesn't feel like she belongs. She meets three guys who are patients with their own issues. However, she ends up thinking they're hot, and they also think she's hot. The guys all agree to be her boyfriends and end up following her everywhere. When one of the other female patients goes missing, Lydia tries to uncover what really happened putting herself in grave danger. I was confused if A Kiss of Madness was trying to be more of a romance novel, a mystery/crime novel, or a paranormal novel. I got the insane asylum vibe for a few chapters, but soon this book lost its whole mental illness vibe. I felt like the insane asylum setting was just thrown in there to make this book sound more interesting than it actually was. It soon turned more into an erotic novel which made me like the book even less. There was just too much pointless fairly graphic sex for my liking. I feel like all the fairly graphic sex and sexual references really took away from the story. I also didn't like the ending. It just felt too rushed. Actually, the whole story just felt really rushed. I also didn't understand how one character who had a violent past could have such a great job. I won't go into further details because it's a spoiler.

I started out liking Lydia and was on her side for the first few chapters or so. However, I found myself losing the connection I felt with her the more I read. She just came across as being very irresponsible and immature. I didn't really care for Pierce, Emmett, or Mason/Jason either. None of the characters in A Kiss of Madness were fleshed out enough to be likable or believable. 

The pacing starts out great in A Kiss of Madness. However, it soon slows down once the sex scenes come into play. Then it slows down and becomes more of a smut novel instead of a decent read. Luckily this is a short read or I would have given up on it when I got to the sex parts.

Trigger warnings for A Kiss of Madness include violence, murder, mental illness, attempted sexual assault, fairly graphic sex scenes, sexual references, and profanities.

Overall, A Kiss of Madness started out great. However, it soon went downhill close to halfway through the book. I feel like this book feels more like a rough draft on what could be a decent read. It just needs a lot more work to be good. Get rid of a lot of the pointless sex scenes and references, bulk up the story and characters a bit, decide on what angle to go with, and give this book some guts! At this time, I would not recommend A Kiss of Madness by K.B. Everly and Stacy Jones. 

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