Thursday, February 14, 2019

Book Review: One Pink Line by Dina Silver

Title: One Pink Line
Author: Dina Silver
Genre: Women's Fiction
Can the love of a lifetime be forever changed by one pink line?

Sydney Shephard, a sweet-tempered college senior, is in love with an exceptional man and ready to start a future with him. Yet, one night, she makes an irrevocable decision that forces her to relinquish her youth and risk losing the love of her life.

Then there’s Grace, a fifth grader, whose world is turned upside down when she makes a shocking discovery, leaving her with profound and puzzling questions about who she really is.

Spanning generations and every imaginable emotion, One Pink Line reveals how two points of view can be dramatically at odds, but perhaps ultimately reconciled. Simultaneously deeply felt and lighthearted, the story deftly mines the redemptive power of love, and how doing the right thing and living honestly can bring unexpected, hard-won happiness.

My Review:
Normally, I'm not a women's fiction kind of person. However, I have been pleasantly surprised with the books I've read in this genre, so I decided to give One Pink Line by Dina Silver a go.

I found the plot and world building of One Pink Line to be very well written and enjoyable. As you can already guess from the title, this book deals with pregnancy and is a very straight forward but sweet story. This also wasn't a very long novel. It was enjoyable to read about Sydney's ups and downs with her pregnancy, and it was interesting to read about how Grace felt about everything from her perspective as well. There weren't any plot twists that I can remember, but this book didn't need any to be good. There also weren't any cliff hangers at the end of the book, and all of my questions were answered.

The characters in One Pink Line were all very enjoyable to read about. As I've said before, I enjoyed reading about how Sydney dealt with her pregnancy as well as her feelings with her life, the pregnancy, and her love life. Grace struggled with learning that the dad she had come to know wasn't actually her biological dad. It was interesting to read things from her point of view as show grows up from a 5th grader to a 22 year old woman. I admired Ethan and how loving he was throughout everything. I also loved Ethan's mom and how doting she was.

I enjoyed the pacing very much in One Pink Line. The story flowed very well, and not once did I find myself becoming bored. In fact, I looked forward to each time I could read more about Sydney's and Grace's life.

Trigger warnings for One Pink Line include some profanity, alcohol use, implied sex, and an unwed pregnancy.

All in all, One Pink Line is a feel good kind of story. It is such a sweet book that will definitely leave you with happy feelings long after you've finished it. I would definitely recommend One Pink Line by Dina Silver to all women aged 16+.

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