Thursday, December 6, 2018

Blurb Blitz and Giveaway: The Night Before Christmas by K.S. David

Welcome to my stop on the blurb blitz for the romantic suspense novel The Night Before Christmas by K.S. David. The blitz is organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. On my stop, I have an excerpt for you to read. There's also a tour wide giveaway at the bottom of this post. Be sure to visit the rest of the stops on the blurb blitz. You can find a list of participating stops here. Happy Reading!
From the author of A Promise Kept and Every Single Wish, comes an exhilarating romantic suspense for the holidays.

As Center City and its quirky residents get ready to ring in the holiday with merriment and good cheer, Calista Tate is forced to make a terrible decision? Does she stay and fight for the life she's created or - does she run away? One man could be her angel - her saving grace. And, the promise of love may be strong enough to make her hold her ground. The wrong decision could put them both at risk.

Calista Singletary decided it was finally safe to settle down. She opened a small bakery, has a new home and life is good. That is until she gets arrested for killing her elderly neighbor. It doesn’t help that she chased the old man out of her house with a rolling pin two days earlier. The same rolling pin is found under his bruised and bloody body. Calista thinks some trickery is underfoot. Good thing her sexy attorney, Marc Collins, thinks he can get the charges dropped.

But Calista knows that when the authorities start digging, they’re going to uncover her true identity. That’s when the real horrors will begin. She usually stays packed and ready to blow town at the first sign of trouble - assuming a new name, a new look, a new story. But she’s growing close to Marc and just once, she wants to feel normal. Will the cost be too high?

Three years earlier, the man Calista loved sucked her into a world of indescribable horror. She’s the only one who can testify to the atrocities he committed by Thomas Langston. She stole three million dollars of his money and maimed him the day she left. In return, Thomas made her a promise. He would always love her. He would never stop looking for her. And the next time he saw Calista - he was going to kill her.

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A small crowd was gathered on the edge of my lawn. Neighbors hollered so loud that I couldn’t even hear myself think. A wall of hickory trees covered in a new dusting of snow stood above us caught our noise, bounded it around and threw the sounds back down. The strange vibration of our voices echoed in my ears.

“Calista! Really! Chasing an old man with a dough roller in the middle of the night! You should be ashamed," chastised Alma Douglas. Her blue curlers peeked out from beneath a large sateen scarf infested with brightly colored butterflies. Her thin pink cotton robe barely closed over her ample bosom. Her feet were thick, feet were shoved into a pair of matted blue slippers.

"Ashamed?" I snorted. "I found him in my house! What woman runs out of her home in the middle of the night screaming, if nothing is wrong?”

"He's harmless," Mr. Landy gagged back a chuckle. "Wouldn't hurt a fly." Then leaned forward and whispered, "The lights are on, but no one's inside." He whistled and made circles around his head. "You know what I mean, right?" Meager strands of gray hair had escaped hair band and whipped around the balding halo of his scalp.

The subject of our discussion was my elderly neighbor, Fred Guthrie. The man was stooped with a slight hump in his back. I had been living next door to him for a few months but had only seen him a hand-full of times. Shuffling his feet back-and-forth, he was oblivious to the argument surrounding him. The man was thin. A good wind could have knocked him over. Standing between us, Fred Guthrie was immune to my argument. His yellow, rummy eyes were downcast. Blue veined hands quivered at his side as he hummed faintly.
About the Author:
K. S. David lives in the Mid-Atlantic with her husband, their three children and a menagerie of pets. New storylines are constantly running through her head. She keeps notebooks tucked in pockets of the car, the nightstand and makes voice recordings just about all day long. She's addicted to true life mysteries and crime shows, both of which marry well with a great romance. Some of her favorite things are long walks, reading in bed, baking and of course, writing her next novel.

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