Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Book Blitz and Giveaway: First Full Moon by Michelle Alstead

First Full Moon
by Michelle Alstead 

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult
More secrets. More lies. I’m going to die.

She wanted a car for her sixteenth birthday, not magical powers… Candy McGregor is a teenager living in Sequim Falls, a small East Coast town, where the McGregors own just about everything. While her grandmother grooms her to run the family business—a pharmaceutical empire—Candy dreams of a life where she’s known as more than just a last name. When the monthly family dinner turns into a horror show, Candy discovers the McGregors aren’t so much blessed as they are cursed. At midnight on her sixteenth birthday, Candy inherits both the ability to do magic and the destiny to become a wolf on the next full moon. There is hope of a life that doesn’t require being chained up once a month. If Candy can undo the original spell that created the curse, she can rid the world of werewolves and remain a witch. But there’s one really big problem. Not everyone hates being a wolf. With the next full moon looming, Candy must take on forces that will do anything to stop her. Will she break the curse or surrender to life as a monster?

The glass in Grandmother’s hand shatters, cutting her palm. Blood spills down her arm and onto the white table cloth. She grips the table, blood dripping from her ears. “Is this someone’s idea of a joke?”

My ears ring, making my brain feel as if it’s about to explode. Covering my ears, I survey the room. Bennett, Larkin, and Jasper stare with wide-eyes. They can’t hear the sound. If they could, they’d be in agony like my uncles, grandmother, and me.

It’s just like the whistle in the woods.

My grandmother knocks her chair to the floor, doubling over.

“Grandmother? What’s wrong?” I ask.

She turns toward me with glowing yellow eyes. Her hands have sprouted hair, and she’s torn her dress at the sides.

“You have to get out of here,” she growls.

“I don’t understand,” I say, standing up and putting weight on my injured foot. The pain is gone.

I scan the room as I back away from the table. My uncles are on the floor, writhing and screaming. They’re blocking the door, the only way out.

Larkin, Bennett, and Jasper get up from the table. We move to the east corner of the room, huddled against a wall. The noise grows louder, sending vibrations through my skull. My stomach churns, causing cramps that make me double over. “What is that?” I scream.

“I don’t know,” Larkin says. “But look at the moon.” She points out the window.

The full moon is at the highest point in the sky. We turn at the sound of a low growl. Uncle Samuel is on the floor. He has paws and a tail.

And he looks hungry. Really, really hungry.

Blood spills from my nose. The room swims before my eyes. One-by-one, my uncles scream, howl, and shift into wolves. I drop to my knees, not believing the scene before my eyes. The car accident must have caused a concussion. It’s the only explanation for what’s happening. Maybe if I close my eyes and go to sleep—my head is just so heavy—I’ll wake and everything will be normal again.

It wasn’t folklore. The wolf curse is real.

In a heartbeat, everything goes black.

About the Author:

Michelle Alstead is a single, divorced mom of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who tries to promote autism awareness and advocate for gender equality while raising Sheldon Cooper and searching for some semblance of a love life.

Michelle's novels are frequently available for free on Amazon Kindle. Sign up for her email list here to receive notifications. 

All of Michelle's adult novels take place in the same universe. Characters cross over between novels, which makes for a more interesting world.

One Last Try was released Feb. 2018.

The Full Moon Series (four young adult supernatural stories) will be published in time for Halloween 2018. 


  1. This book sounds good!!! I love the cover.

  2. You could probably live with being a wolf if you just got that car for your birthday.

  3. love the cover love the colors you choose for it.sound like a book that would be just up my ally.