Sunday, September 23, 2018

Book Review: The Outsider by Stephen King

The Outsider by Stephen King
An unspeakable crime. A confounding investigation. At a time when the King brand has never been stronger, he has delivered one of his most unsettling and compulsively readable stories.

An eleven-year-old boy’s violated corpse is found in a town park. Eyewitnesses and fingerprints point unmistakably to one of Flint City’s most popular citizens. He is Terry Maitland, Little League coach, English teacher, husband, and father of two girls. Detective Ralph Anderson, whose son Maitland once coached, orders a quick and very public arrest. Maitland has an alibi, but Anderson and the district attorney soon add DNA evidence to go with the fingerprints and witnesses. Their case seems ironclad.

As the investigation expands and horrifying answers begin to emerge, King’s propulsive story kicks into high gear, generating strong tension and almost unbearable suspense. Terry Maitland seems like a nice guy, but is he wearing another face? When the answer comes, it will shock you as only Stephen King can.

When I heard that Stephen King was releasing a new book, I knew I had to read it. Luckily, The Outsider didn't disappoint. It was a great read!

I thought the pacing was done rather well. It also helps that the majority of chapters are fairly short. I found myself not wanting to put The Outsider down at all. I wanted to know what would happen to Terry and how they would find out the truth of how he was in two places at once.

The plot was fantastic. As I said before, I had to know how Terry was in two places at once. There's more to the story than that, obviously, but this is the beginning of the plot. I won't say that there are any major plot twists, save for the ending, but the plot is still enjoyable. Parts of the story are predictable, I will admit, but The Outsider was such an interesting read nonetheless. I was pleased that the ending of The Outsider didn't feel rushed either like many of the other books I have read by various authors.

The world building was done fantastically. I find myself fully immersed in the world Stephen King had created. I felt like I was one of the characters in The Outsider. I felt like I was living even the smallest detail Mr. King had written about. All my emotions were in tune to this book.

I thought that all the characters, even the minor ones, were very well written and fleshed out. I loved the character of Terry. I wanted him to be innocent, and I supported him every step of the way. I wanted him to be cleared of abusing and murdering that little boy. Howie Gold was my next favorite character. Usually I don't really care for lawyer/attorney type characters, but Howie had a sort of softness and a no nonsense type of personality all rolled into one. I was also a fan of Holly. I loved how awkward she was, but I also loved how she wasn't going to take anyone's nonsense. I also loved the weird way she would speak sometimes. I liked Ralph Anderson even if he wasn't my favorite character. I did admit that I hated him at first, not because he was poorly written, quite the opposite, but I found myself liking him more and more as I progressed through the story. The only character I didn't really care for was Bill Samuels. He wasn't written bad, but I just didn't like his attitude.

There are scenes of violence, alcohol, drug abuse, swearing, and scenes of a sexual nature. If you're easily triggered by those things, you may want to stay away.

All in All, The Outsider is a great book! It's got a great story line and world building, brilliant characters, and a great pacing. I would definitely recommend The Outsider by Stephen King even if you aren't a fan.

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