Thursday, September 27, 2018

Book Review: The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

On a day that begins like any other, Hal receives a mysterious letter bequeathing her a substantial inheritance. She realizes very quickly that the letter was sent to the wrong person—but also that the cold-reading skills she’s honed as a tarot card reader might help her claim the money.

Soon, Hal finds herself at the funeral of the deceased…where it dawns on her that there is something very, very wrong about this strange situation and the inheritance at the centre of it.

When I first heard about The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware, it was one of those books that I knew I had to read. While it wasn't one of the best books I've read, it was still okay.

The pacing for The Death of Mrs. Westaway starts out very slow. There were times I was thinking about giving up on this book. Reading it felt like a chore, but I persevered. Luckily, it did get really good after about 70 percent through. The last 30 percent or so was really good, and I couldn't put the book down!

I felt the plot took forever to take off. At first, the plot read very boring. A girl tries to con some rich people out of an inheritance. This was the boring part. I felt like there was just too much focus on tarot cards and their meaning which also weakened the plot. However, the story line changed about 70 percent in, and I was enthralled with the actual plot. There were some plot twists, and while some were predictable, there were a few that I didn't see coming. I would guess the outcome of the story, and I would be wrong.

The world building was very good. Even though I was bored through most of this book, I felt the world in which Ruth Ware created for The Death of Mrs. Westaway was written very well. Everything was believable. I could picture myself being in Hal's world the whole time. Ruth Ware does a great job of describing everything that is going on in a scene, so it's easy to feel like you're part of the story.

I did enjoy the characters. I liked Hal although sometimes I felt like she was a bit dense. Sometimes things were so painfully obvious, but Hal would be oblivious to them. Mitzi and Ezra were my favorite characters. I loved how charming Ezra came across, and I loved how Mitzi could be motherly and nurturing as well as the voice of reason. All of the characters in The Death of Mrs. Westaway are likable though.

There are scenes of violence, drinking, smoking, and swearing.

Overall, The Death of Mrs. Westaway isn't a great book. I'll probably forget about it in the near future, but it is a decent read. The last 30 percent or so is what really saved this book from being a dud. It does have great characters, and the world building is done well. I would still recommend The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware to others.

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