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Book Tour and Giveaway: Ruins on Stone Hill (Heroes of Ravenford Book One) by F.P. Spirit

Ruins on Stone Hill
Heroes of Ravenford Book One
F. P. Spirit

YA Epic Fantasy

It has been one hundred and fifty years since the end of the Thrall Wars, when the four dread Thrall Masters rained destruction down on the land of Thac. The world has been relatively quiet since, but dark things have started to rise around the little town of Ravenford. 

The town's only hope lay in four newcomers: a fearless young warrior with blades of fire, an elven wizard as deadly to his friends as his enemies, a cynical halfling who might be an assassin, and a quiet gnome whose very touch can heal. Together they set out to face the creatures of darkness. Yet they soon find they are facing more than just a few rogue monsters, for a greater force lurks behind them all.

From eerie woods to underground caves to haunted ruins, they encounter terrifying monsters, creatures of the night, and demonic sorcery. Can the young heroes stand against the forces of darkness, or will they too fall prey to the evil that threatens to destroy Ravenford?

A sudden movement caught Lloyd’s eye. A small black figure flew down from the tree tops toward them; it was Glo’s familiar, Raven. The bird landed on a nearby tree branch and cawed briefly at Titan, Aksel, and himself, “Tana carina, tana carina.

“That’s the signal,” Aksel whispered. “The sentries are gone. Now it’s your turn. Go!”

Lloyd glanced at Titan. They exchanged a quick nod, then took off through the trees. Titan fell a bit behind, but not far, considering she was running in heavy armor. Lloyd heard shouts through the trees ahead. He burst into a clearing and found five orcs ducking and dodging as one arrow after another flew at them. A brief smile crossed Lloyd’s lips. Brundon was doing an excellent job.

Lloyd charged forward, his blades igniting as he closed in on the two nearest bandits. He swung his swords in wide sweeping arcs, catching both orc warriors with a burning blade. A battle cry sounded beside him and a glimpse of shining silver flash passed. Titan entered the fray and engaged the other two orcs, but Lloyd was too busy for more than a fleeting glance.

He continued to move, allowing his body to flow with his blades. Lloyd spun his twin swords in unison with his body, deftly parrying the curved blades that came at him. He had just finished off one of his foes, when a scream rang out across the clearing. Lloyd parried a strike and threw back his opponent, chancing a quick glance around the battlefield.

The orc cleric had dropped its staff and was clutching an arm with an arrow protruding from it. The briefest of smiles flitted across Lloyd’s lips, for at that same moment, Titan’s shield bashed a foe and sent it careening back into the orc Lloyd had been fighting. The two orcs slammed into each other and went tumbling to the ground.

There was one orc still standing. As it rushed Titan, Lloyd quieted his mind, the world slowing around him. He struck a well-practiced pose, his arms moving in swift, intricate motions. He reached down deep inside, searching for that spark of inner spirit, and at the same time envisioned his body rushing forward with incredible speed. The whole effort took just under a second—and suddenly the world rushed past him.

As Titan parried the orc’s assault, Lloyd was suddenly behind it. He swung with all his might, lopping the head clean off the unsuspecting monster. Titan flashed him a quick grin and then the two of them rushed the remaining warriors. The fight was quickly over.

F.P. Spirit has always loved fantasy. From the moment he received his very first copy of Lord of the Rings back in high school, he was hooked.Today, somewhere between work and family, F. P. manages to write sword and sorcery fantasy fiction. 

His novels, Ruins on Stone Hill, Serpent Cult, Dark Monolith, and Princess of Lanfor are the first four books in the series Heroes of RavenfordThe series chronicles the adventures of a band of young heroes in the dangerous world of Thac. F.P. is currently working on the fifth book in the Heroes of Ravenford series, The Baron's Heart, to be released in 2018.

The Heroes of Ravenford, as a series, covers a few philosophical themes. One topic is spirituality, or the belief in something greater than ourselves. Lloyd is called a spiritblade, a warrior who is able to connect with his ‘soul’ and channel his inner energy to perform near superhuman feats. Aksel is a cleric of the Ralnain gods. The Ralnai is a pantheon of higher beings that bestow divine power upon their followers.

A second theme is the spirit of cooperation. The characters hail from different races and genders, yet overlook their differences to achieve goals that they could not attain individually. Note that they are all rather young though, so this does not happen without a fair amount of bantering and sarcasm.

In contrast to the last theme, racial bigotry is quite evident in this world. There is long standing enmity between the various races, fueled by past conflicts between them. This bigotry becomes an issue for the non-human characters in the group, to the point where it nearly stops them from saving the town of Ravenford from a grisly fate.
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  1. The cover looks a bit cartoon-ish. Thanks for the chance. :)

  2. The cover is a good one,love the Title.

  3. With friends like that elf, who needs enemies like that elf?