Thursday, May 31, 2018

Product Review: Bic Soleil Balance Disposable Razors

I'm a member of which is an awesome site! They give you products for free in exchange for some social media sharing and reviews. I love it!

Today, I have decided to review Bic Soleil Balance Disposable Razors on my blog. I received this through Keep reading to get a coupon for this razor and other Bic products!

I love these types of razors. They have a moisture bar which eliminates the need for shaving cream. They're great for people like me who are lazy or for people who are travelling or in a hurry.

The package with my Bic Soleil Balance Disposable razor included two razors with handles. The packaging was a little difficult to open, but I got there in the end.

The positives: I did get a nice, smooth shave using the Bic Soleil Balance Disposable Razor. My skin also felt very soft when I was done. The five blades help to ensure a quick shave as well as to make sure there is no stubble left behind. The head of the razor does move ensuring that this razor gets into some hard to reach places. They also smell nice which is an added bonus.

The negatives: While this is a great razor, I find the moisture bars don't last that long. The moisture bar lasted about three to four shaves (legs and armpits) for me. I even kept the razor away from moisture and water like the packaging says. Also, the razor heads are a bit bulky due to the moisture bar. I wouldn't say it's overly bulky, but it is bigger than the average razor head. Personally, I feel that these razors can be a bit pricey.

Final thoughts: This is a great razor! I love it because I don't have to fuss with putting shaving cream on every time I want to shave. It's faster and quicker than regular shaving. The Bic Soleil Balance Disposable Razor left my skin feeling very smooth and soft as well as smelling nice. They can be a bit pricey especially with how long the moisture bar lasts (or doesn't last in my case), but it's worth it for me so I can save time.

I would definitely recommend Bic Soleil Disposable Razors to others! If you'd like to try this razor out for yourself, just click here for some coupons. You can also get coupons for other Bic razors and products if you follow that link. If you'd rather just buy the razors from Amazon, you can buy them here.

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(I received this product for free in exchange for media sharing and an honest review. This post also contains affiliate links).


  1. These are my favorite razors! I have never cut myself with them.

  2. Worst razor I have ever used.
    Doesn’t shave close.